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Arnold's Challenges:

Managing performance of multiple cloud projects Poor visibility can drive usage and cost inefficiencies

Enabling secure, industry compliant access for customers to cloud applications Cloud identity and security standards are difficult to navigate and implement

Launching your offering on a B2B marketplace is time consuming Integrating with Azure Marketplace requires extensive development

OneView Cloud Expense Management

By providing a holistic overview of multicloud usage and costs per department, as well as detailed analytics and reporting, OneView empowers teams with the information needed to drive successful cloud projects. OneView’s identification of redundant cloud resource costs ensures optimal cloud performance. This automated system is compatible with both Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS and is fully customizable to your cloud environment. Fill in the form to download eBook.

One Pager: Cloud lifecycle and cost management

Surge Identity

Secure your apps with a trusted cloud identity provider. Surge Identity is Open ID Connect compliant providing the benefits of building apps and securely signs-in users via a trusted identity and social provider. With a pre-built framework, Surge Identity significantly reduces development time needed to securely support app-to-app communication and offers a customisable and effortless user sign-on journey. By providing centralised app security across cloud, On-Premise and SaaS application, Surge Identity simplifies your roadmap to secure application development and is fully compliant with industry security standards.

One Pager: Enable a secure and central cloud identity


With low to zero developmental effort required, Stactize will accelerate your go to market strategy and enable you to take advantage of all the features offered by Azure Marketplace. The fully integrated platform reduces development time from 6 months to just 3-4 weeks. This simplified approach supports both the process of achieving a transactable listing as well as the ongoing account maintenance. With full subscription lifecycle integration, live customer notifications and a customizable sign up journey, Stactize removes the complexity out of transacting in a B2B marketplace.

One Pager: Simplify your journey to the Azure Marketplace

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