Enable cloud success with a robust cost management strategy

Be a step ahead of cloud cost challenges

Cady's Challenges:

Staying in budget and navigating multicloud usage and costs Multicloud management is often siloed, with limited control

Intensive chargeback processes Chargeback processes can be manual and time consuming

Manual sales and customer billing process is lengthy and complex Transacting through Azure Marketplace requires significant development effort

OneView Cloud Expense Management

By harnessing the power of automation, OneView enables full control of cloud costs as well as centralized chargeback functionality. With a live dashboard, detailed analysis of cloud spend per cost centre, cloud cost forecasting and usage optimization, OneView tackles cost-related cloud challenges and allows teams to experience the full potential of their cloud investment.

One Pager: Cloud lifecycle and cost management


Operating in the Azure Marketplace presents solution providers with an opportunity to automate their finance processes, reducing overall costs and boosting resource effeciency for teams. But tapping into these potential cost efficiencies requires significant investment from development teams. With Stactize, the full customer subscription journey is supported to allow for simplified sign up, automated monthly billing, tier upgrade, cancelation and suspension. This full subscription lifestyle integration enables seamless customer account and billing management.

One Pager: Simplify your journey to the Azure Marketplace

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