In the complex world of cloud, you need to stand out.

Accelerate your cloud journey with a cost optimization strategy

Cloud Expense Management powered by OneView provides the visibility needed to navigate and manage complex multicloud environments. Through automated cloud expenditure and usage tracking, OneView empowers IT teams with powerful insights to drive down costs and optimize performance.

OneView Features

Live Dashboard
& Analytics:

Gain a full, detailed overview of your multicloud environment with spend allocation of various cloud components and detailed analysis per cost centre and resource group. Analytics and reporting is automated and can be customized as required.

Budget Management
& Forecasting:

Define budgets over various time periods and by cost allocation segment, user or group. Visualize current spend and project possible overruns to avoid future bill shock. With the help of OneView’s cloud cost forecasting function, your enterprise can budget for predicted future cloud spend.

Cost Centre Tagging
and Chargeback:

Determine where cloud resources are being spent through OneView’s tagging functionality which allows tagging per specific cost centres, resource group or project. Generate chargeback reports tailored to your enterprise model.

Spending Anomaly

Leverage the benefits of cloud without the fear of financial risk. OneView automatically identifies changes in consumption or trends in your cloud environment, and will trigger a report or action in response to the anomaly.


OneView provides visibility into cloud usage and costs for all cloud accounts, and cloud providers through one central system. This enables you to deep dive into costs by application, department or team without needing to provide managers with access to your cloud providers portal.

Cloud Cost and
Usage Optimisation:

Cost-related challenges associated with cloud technology can be easily managed and optimised with OneView. Identify unnecessary and redundant cloud resource costs to eliminate cost inefficiencies and boost performance of your multicloud environment.

Roadmap to Cloud

Learn about the revolutionary three step-process modern enterprises can follow to ensure cloud migration success in our free resource. This eBook unpacks everything you need to know before embarking on your cloud journey, ensuring your business has the tools and insights to make the most of cloud. It also features an objectives and key results (OKRs) template which you and your team can use to collaborate by mapping out your cloud roadmap together. Fill in the form to download this practical cloud guide.

How to Keep the Cost of Cloud Computing Under Control

Potential cost savings is a significant driver of cloud migration, with many enterprises making the move to cloud on this premise. But costs savings are seldom drastic, and in some cases computing costs may have you spending more than before. Without a Cloud Expense Management strategy in place, your organisation will lack the insight needed to control costs and optimize usage of your multicloud environment. This infographic will help you realise your cloud initiatives while keeping your cloud budget under control/ manage your cloud costs and utilize cloud to its full potential.

The Modern CIO eBook

The Chief Information Officer or CIO is a dynamic role, changing with the needs of a constantly advancing world. This eBooks unpacks the key priorities of the modern CIO and how CIOs can be the ultimate enabler of a company’s digital transformation. With guidelines on balancing innovation an operations as well as how to accelerate enterprise IT strategies. Fill in the form to download this free resource.

Embracing Cloud Technology – The top five challenges

Cloud technology is a buzz term at the moment, and for good reason. By embracing cloud technology, enterprises across the world are revolutionising their operations and vastly improving customer and employee satisfaction in the process. However, cloud technology does not come without challenges and risks. In this infographic, we identify and explain five of the most prevalent challenges associated with embracing cloud technology and give guidance on how to solve them.

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