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Eddy's Challenges:

Choosing the right systems to support your digital strategy The right cloud tools requires research and evaluation

Finding credible partners for business transformation Deploying the right solution is a significant business decision

Digitalising the buying journey for your B2B offers Customers need a simplified experience for procuring business solutions

OneView Cloud Expense Management

OneView Cloud Expense Management is a Microsoft approved cloud lifecycle and cost management tool. Through powerful automation technology, OneView supports numerous businesses by empowering their IT and Finance teams with the information needed to operate optimally in the cloud. Available to trial directly through the Azure Marketplace, OneView Cloud Expense Management increases cloud usage and spend visibility, provides detailed analytics and reporting, enables advanced cost centre tagging functionality and is able to perform automated chargeback.

One Pager: Cloud lifecycle and cost management

Surge Identity‚Äč

With the ability to provide a seamless user experience across business platforms, Surge Identity is a cloud identity provider solution which simplifies application delivery. As a result of its pre-built framework and centralized application security, Surge Identity significantly reduces development time whilst complying with the latest industry standards set out by Identity Server and Azure AD. Surge Identity offers an effortless sign in flow via trusted identity and social providers that are compliant with OAuth2.0 and Open ID Connect. Develop the optimal user journey for your customers with Surge Identity.

One Pager: Enable a secure and central cloud identity


When supported by Stactize technology, the speed of go to market is unmatched. Stactize provides critical integration capabilities which allow you to grow your business and cement your solution offering in the B2B marketplace space. Currently a Microsoft Azure Marketplace compatible offering, Stactize empowers solution providers to easily digitalise the buying journey for their customers, improving their conversion cycle length and enabling them to reach entirely new markets.

One Pager: Simplify your journey to the Azure Marketplace

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